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  • Hey Admin, thanks for activating our account.

    Before I post anything, I wondered if you had any rules in place for retailers advertising on your forum?

    Hobby Mounts is a new company based in Cornwall and we specialise in selling GoPro Mounts & Accessories.

    We're just about to release a new product aimed at Bodyboarders and have successfully trialled it ourselves but we are looking for more people to beta test the product before launching it properly to iron out any niggles.

    Is this something you would allow us to do?

    We alse sell the whole range of standard GoPro Mounts and Accessories which we would like to promote if possible, aswell as other bespoke mounts created by us.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    Hobby Mounts
    Hi Matt - I'm heading across to Boscombe on 20/21st March - as a spectator only I hasten to add (and the party). May be worth mentioning that some of the guest houses, B&Bs are shut until 1st April. I have got somewhere and it's only minutes away from the reef (Denewood Hotel) but this was the 3rd place I tried. Alternatively, you can keep this information to yourself and laugh at your mateys sleeping in their cars whilst you are in a warm room with a soft bed :)))
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