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  • Hi Janner. I am heading down the north coast of Devon/Cornwall this weekend and Monday, and could bring those fins along for you to have a look at, as I guess that you are based there abouts. I am sure we could do a deal, and you are welcome to try before buy. Cheer ears, Caleb 07970025094
    Hi mate, i don't know any of those apart from croyde so i am guessing you live up in N.Devon?!

    I surf bantham, whitsands, constantine, harlyn and polzeath depending on what i think will be best( not that i am an expert) or how much time i have. but i am just learning. take it easy
    Hi Janner

    I usually surf East Witterings, or if on high tide West witts. Don't surf Bossie and Southbourne as much as I used to but regularly get out at Croyde/Puts. What about you?
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