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  • Hello there Silver!

    Looking at the cams the other day when Witts wernt that bad there were a few spongers in the water.

    Does it get that rippy then? Ive never had an experience of being in a rip ! =\ eek lol!

    Whenever i look at Witts on the cam, always looks semi decent? When it says on the reports anyway! You surfed there before?

    How about Bossy or anywhere else you may know? Is Weds the only day you can do?

    Nice one Dave thats kind of you to offer : ) do hope to take you up on that sometime!!
    right ok, so you really know what your talking about. Im from South East Devon and now live in South Wales. Your the one who interfered with my post in the first place so grow up. P.S If you cant take banter dont give it!
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