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    Official GoPro Bodyboard Mount available

    Hey guys, thought this might interest a few of you. The official GoPro Bodyboard Mount hits the UK tomorrow. We've got these in stock on our website or you can visit our 400 sq.ft. showroom, dedicated to all things GoPro. There's not much we don't have ;-) Official GoPro Bodyboard Mount -...
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    GoPro Hero 3+ Black found at Tolcarne Beach

    If anyone has lost a Hero 3+ Black Edition at Tolcarne recently, pop over to Newquay Beachcombing and claim it :-)
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    Hobby Mounts open weekend - 3rd & 4th May 2014

    Hey guys, we're pleased to announce we have opened our GoPro showroom near Bodmin, Cornwall, UK. To celebrate, we're holding an "Open Weekend" where you can come over, have a look around and play with some of the latest & coolest GoPro Mounts and Accessories available from brands like GoPro...
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    Gopro 3+ black edition mounting

    Maybe something like Windows Media Player?
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    Gopro 3+ black edition mounting

    I've found VLC to be a nightmare with Windows 8.
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    Gopro 3+ black edition mounting

    Forgot to mention. 10% discount on anything and everything plus free delivery! Message me for the code :)
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    Gopro 3+ black edition mounting

    Hey guys, if you don't fancy drilling your board, we're local and make and sell the BodyBoard Belt. Gives you a great over the shoulder view. TheBelt Bodyboarding Belt Back Mount for GoPro Hero Cameras
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    Who are you, Where are you! INTRODUCE YOUR SELVES HERE!

    Hey guys, I'm Paul from Hobby Mounts. Together with my partner Beth we run Hobby Mounts and specialise in GoPro cameras, accessories and mounts.
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    Best new wetsuit?!

    As most people have stated, fit is most important. Every brand fits differently so go somewhere with lots of choice and get trying those suits on. Once fitted, make sure all the obvious points are comfy, lift your arms and make sure it fits under your armpits. Another thing to consider is...
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    late October wave pictures - anyone taking them?

    We only managed to get a few snaps, my memory card for my Nikon decided to go all "Corrupt" and loose all data. This was the Sunday at Harlyn: I also got some snaps on Thursday last week, when Mike Stewart surfed the wedge, horrible big conditions: The man himself:
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    Short video from Harlyn last week

    A little session in the sunshine with some smaller clean waves. So much fun to just mess about in. Bodyboarding North Cornwall - Hobby Mounts on Vimeo
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    GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. Special offer!

    Hey guys, anyone thinking of upgrading to the Hero3+ Black Edition or getting your first GoPro? We've got a special offer for all KBB members, just email us at info@hobbymounts for more details. Thanks Paul Hobby Mounts
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    23" SP Remote Pole for GoPro

    We've just had these delivered and have to say they look and feel great! Perfect for capturing videos and pictures one-handed using your existing Wifi Remote. No more wasting battery, no more reaching up and pressing the shutter button with your other hand. SP Remote Pole 23" Telescopic...
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    Testing a new GoPro mount

    Not really suitable for bodyboarding but for the surfers among us, they are a perfect alternative to sticking a self adhesive flat mount on your board. What do you think? What do you think?
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    Flash for iPad

    You can still get the flash player although not through iTunes. Just make sure you download it from a reliable source so that it's not infected with anything dodgy.
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    bodyboard gopro mount

    If it's the one I'm thinking about it looks as if it's pretty much fixed in one place, so will get in the way one way or another. Have you seen our GoPro Bodyboard Belt? Might be worth a look >>> TheBelt Bodyboarding Belt Back Mount for GoPro Hero Cameras
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    "TheBelt" Hobby Mounts GoPro Bodyboard Belt Mount review

    Hey Craig, glad you're enjoying it. Some great shots in your photo album ;)
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    "TheBelt" Hobby Mounts GoPro Bodyboard Belt Mount review

    Hey guys, this is the new permanent mount we're now using...
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    "TheBelt" Hobby Mounts GoPro Bodyboard Belt Mount review

    Hey Craig, I've sent you a PM explaining but in a nutshell, we've made the mount more permanent. The adhesive mounts work fine but they aren't permanent and will need replacing periodically. Hence why we recommend using a tether. Having said that, we would still recommend using a tether no...
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    "TheBelt" Hobby Mounts GoPro Bodyboard Belt Mount review

    Thanks, we've recently changed the way the GoPro mounts, so will get up a new picture up asap. In the meantime, here's a quick video of a customer using TheBelt in NSW.