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    Another shark attack kills sponger

    In Metro this morning there was a story about another fatal shark attack on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. It finished the report saying that the man was a former European Bodyboard champion. Googling just now: Riptide says "at this stage we do not have much information regarding the...
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    Shamelessly nicked from Gizmodo - surfing with fire

    We Surf With Fire Now Check the clip - it's quite an ingenious and effective way of spicing up live footage. Possible with a sponge?
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    Car Parking @ Fistral

    Worth having a read of this thread from a policing website: Worth Knowing - Forum I don't like that car park anyways - they do seem to clamp quite robustly. But rather than paying a £60 'fine' try sending them a cheque for the £2 or so it would have cost as a minimum.
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    Hiya Matt, Saw this photo on another fourm and thought it looked a bit like you and Buckle...

    Hiya Matt, Saw this photo on another fourm and thought it looked a bit like you and Buckle. Not sure if it is because its quite small and a scan of a film shot, but thought I'd pass it on... Post 845 Mark
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    South African Bodyboard Championship 2007 - Could we do this?

    Whilst scouring the internet for surf/sponge movies, I came across this: So you don't have to download it first, it's a 2007 30 minute tv spot (sort of like those Ch4 sunday morning extreme sport programmes). So I wondered, could we do...
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    Sponge article from MSW

    Here's quite a good article from MSW and includes some pretty cool pics (including one sponger from this parish):
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    Auto-Sleepers British Nationals – Porthtowan, 5/6 September

    Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be down bright and early Sunday morning.
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    Auto-Sleepers British Nationals – Porthtowan, 5/6 September

    Is the comp only going to be on the Saturday or will it be run over both Sat and Sun? I have to work the Sat, but am on holibobs from the Sunday, so might come down if the comp is still on (and to have a surf also).
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    Eye Candy Thread

    from here:
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    Excellent wave pics

    Praa: Sennen: And more here:
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    Failblog: Surfer Interview

    You've probably seen this already, but if not: Epic Fail (or it could be a wind up...)
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    Morocco in November: Anyone fancy a trip?

    Hiya With Easyjet flying into Agadir from Gatwick, I'm looking at organising a trip out there for a week staying at SurfBerbere ( which is Hassan's 'manor'. Price wise the cheapest flights are about £80 return and a week b&b stay will be around £200 (although it might be...
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    El rollos: How to?

    Right I had a fun surf @ Croyde this am, but with it only being about 1-2ft and really short rides there wasnt too much happening, so I tried to polish my non existent technique. I'm still shite at spins - I dont think my body is really designed for it (it's like trying to handbrake turn the...
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    To old to Bodyboard?

    Shit *sells sponge* *buys swell board*
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    Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill - :eek:

    thats mad innit. The tree thing is amazing.
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    I'm a Dad Again!!

    Congrats also.
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    Canon EOS 1000D, 450D or 400D?

    Yep, should work fine. The only lenses that dont work are older FD mount lenses. Like Ben says, you'll get a multiplier on the lens (which works in your favour on longer lenses - a 200mm becomes a 300mmish lens), but if they're good quality lenses it will be worth keeping them and upgrading...
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    Canon EOS 1000D, 450D or 400D?

    Personally, I'd go for the 450d as it would be an upgrade to the 400d. The 1000d is slightly dumbed down version of the other cameras. The 450d has 9 point autofocus and 3.5fps (ideal for the spray and pray shots) and a larger screen than the 1000d. It just feels alot better camera that the...
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    Festive Sponge ?

    I've got to drop some xmas presents off (and do a few family type things) in Taunton on Tuesday, so if your all going in let me know what time your about and I'll try and meet up. I was going to head down for the low and then drop the pressies off on my return.
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    In total, how many hours have you surfed for?

    Although Mike Stewart was competing on Pipeline when Costes wasn't even born. There's no arguing that they are world class and have probably a similar amount of pracitce time to get to that standard.