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    Floating Feet

    If your feet are floating then they are where they need to be to start a kick stroke! Unless they are floating in the air!! :)
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    Email heeeeeeeeeeeelp!

    If I have a hotmail or gmail account. Is is possible to set up an alert system so that when a message arrives in the inbox (from a specific sender maybe) that it forwards an alert, but not the whole message to another email account? Even I could customise the forwarding message to say what ever...
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    Cairns/East Coast/ Whitsundays Advise Please

    The motels are cheap and very good standard with pools and bars etc. I back packed on the Oz Experience and the motels/hotels/hostels were great and you can get double rooms easy enough.
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    Bodyboarder killed by shark

    BBC News - Shark attack: Surfer killed off Surf Beach, California
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    Stand Up Bodyboarding

    Yes its bodyboarding! I snapped Arron Dinham doing it a few years back on the Friday before the Nationals ... Aaron link ya mug here!! :)
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    barny b'boarders

    I'm down this weekend for four days. Message me at or tweet me @plugusmaximus.
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    I'm back in action!!! Wahooooooooooooooo!

    Well the Nationals never happened so I'm in Croyde for four days starting from tomorrow! Probably pop to Portreath and have a mozey at the Harbour Wall Frenzy and snout around the north coast.
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    Road boarding?

    BBC News - Surfer towed along flooded Castleford road
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    Desperate to find the Lackey Project in the UK!!!

    But it was your idea Mike! ;)
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    I'm back in action!!! Wahooooooooooooooo!

    Cheers peeps. If you're thee look out for a lanky baldy pretending to be better than he is.
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    I'm back in action!!! Wahooooooooooooooo!

    This is possibly the worst year for surf in my life. I've been in once due to a sports injury (its easier to say that than to describe underwater hockey!) to my elbow and then murderous sciatica due to a slipped disc. Well the operation has happened my back has healed (enough) and I'm getting my...
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    scottish islands?

    I toured Scotland last year. It's so remote there's hardly any need to be covert about spots and the locals want to meet people to surf with as it's more of a case of finding someone to rides! Obviously there is Thurso East ... but everyone knows that. There's also some other decent breaks...
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    Wot no fins your Highness?!

    Perhaps he needs ....... the coach: » THE COACH - We Bodyboard - Bodyboarding Videos and Movies
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    Wot no fins your Highness?!

    Princes Harry and William enjoy an afternoon body boarding instead of watching the tennis | Mail Online
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    I've been out of action for months due to a prolapsed disc but I had it at low tide - sandbags showing!
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    We Bodyboard

    Check out this group on Facebook. The images are stonkers!!
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    Boscombe/Bournemouth/Southbourne are good for beginners. Watch for the rips. I like early mornings there or late evenings. You want ideally offshore winds which always helps. Having said that this area can also bizarrly work with strongish onshore winds. The reef particularly worked well with on...
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    Never refer to it as a bodyboard. Call it a boogie board. It has far less association to surfing as we know it to the airline plebs. Most airlines state the maximum size of something that can go in the hold (and you'll be well within those tolerances). Get a bag that can take other stuff/clothes...
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    Winter wetsuit

    When I need a new suit I try on about 5 different brands in different sizes and then pick the best fitting of the lot. It should be snug, not overly tight. That'll cut off blood flow, increase muscle fatigue and eventually split. I'd never buy a suit online personally, unless you know what model...
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    New Threesixty

    ^^ What he said! :)