Hand Dragger
Thanks to the tax man owing me some dish, I just got a nice shiny new Science Damian Prisk bat-tail. Off to get it wet tomorrow.

This is my first play with a bat-tail, so anything in particular I should watch out for?

I'm expecting to be all over the place for a few sessions! ;)


Local Charger
I've got a prisk(last years model), goes quicker in your average british surf than my cresent tail thats for sure, not tried it in any proper hollow or slabby waves yet, so can't comment on how it handle those sort of waves. Is also looser on turning, doing 360's etc.


El Floppo King
I love bat tails, I always seem to get more speed across slack sections and most UK waves have plenty of those. I've never had any problems with holding an edge with a bat, except in small wedgy surf on a BZ Big Bruddah, which was a bit big for me


Hand Dragger
Thanks, pretty much what I thought (and hoped).

Itching to get out and try it. I have a feeling I'm going to love it, particularly with a bit more freedom to (try to) achieve 360's ;)


Hand Dragger
What a gorgeous day to be out in the water.

So far, I'm loving the bat-tail. I like how you can't be lazy and just turn your back to a wave, paddle and let it happen - got to be more technical, aware, and trim the board, otherwise it's all over the place. That really appeals to me.

Lots more to learn but that was the best session so far this year, even with new, unfamiliar kit.

This board is also a little on the small side for my weight (ideal for my height though). It's 3/4 of an inch shorter than my NMD, and narrower. The reduction in buoyancy was noticeable when paddling - mostly solved by a change in position - but the ride on a smaller board is far, far better, I felt more in control and able to balance. Lesson learned on that front.