How to keep this board alive for the sake of UK bodyboarding

The Silver Sponger

El Floppo King
I know you're out there in cyber space lurking behind your keyboards. Please post your thoughts, feelings, ideas and general booger chat on here. This board has helped me a lot over the years I have lurked and posted and I've been on the sponge for 26 years now so your posts might just help another sponger or inspire a potential booger to become a confirmed booger. Posting here means you are part of a great community none of whom are anything other than supportive and positive about our shared love.

Hi Ho Silver away!


Thoughts - best waves are still midweek, dawn and dusk surfers are usually more friendly,(and stand-ups are more likely to converse than fellow-bodyboarders - is it because I is a woman?)  Still almost no women bodyboarders out back (seen more seals in the line up).  Lifeguards nowadays do their best to keep us away from decent peaks but are variable in their assiduity once we're out of range ... would like to know which beaches have the most sympathetic lifeguards, who don't think that a couple of (very sad) fatalities mean that the whole activity is fraught with extreme danger for all concerned, even in 3 ft surf.

In fact: more on that one: The closest shaves I've had over the years have always been from stand-ups who either accidentally, or occasionally deliberately, take off or send their loose boards in my direction - and lifeguards tend to be rather relaxed about standups operating out back between the red and yellows.  Something very nasty will happen one of these days ...

On the other hand, been enjoying facebook posts from UK bodyboarding, Three Sixty, Lid etc.  Had some spring fun at Fistral, Watergate, Polzeath, Widemouth,  Always hoping for a decent wave on the rare occasion I can get down here; looking forward to September onwards.  

More posts on this forum please - and don't just scowl if you see an old dear out back on her own. ;)