Norfolk / Suffolk ? Cromer ? Lowestoft ?

Would love to be going out tomorrow:) but can't:mad:

I'm under strict instuctions from my physio:(

I'f I don't take it easy with my right arm, it could take several months to sort out:mad:

I aparently have tendon damage in my bicep/tricep area and by not previously looking after that, it has now caused me to get it lower down as well (tennis elbow) :(

Even putting on a jumper can make it twinge let alone a few lengths of a pool or putting on a wetsuit:(

A sunday session is my only escape:(

I'm gutted:(


Hows the injury Neil? Hope you're on the mend:) May take a look tomorrow if this little bit of swell holds up!!
Hi Folks,

Thanks for the get well msgs:)

Unfortuneatly though, my arm is still not fully healed:(

Getting really hacked off, my physo has recomended me to see docs and I'm now waiting for a referal for a scan at the hospital.

I let a chiropractor have a look at as well and he thinks my shoulder might be out of alignment, he is going to have another go at it on friday and maybe xray it as well:(

You guys been out much ?