whats yor outher hobbies


Hand Dragger
Fossil said:
Wow, caught on a boilie! Was it a fish one by any chance? A mate and i both lost good fish using shrimp boilies in the same spot on a local lake, he reckoned it may have been a pike as we got snapped up so quickly . Barbel fishing is fun as it can be less fussy than setting up a carp session. I really like using a. Centre pin and simple end tackle and barbel really scrap hard. MTB,ing is mountain biking, I,ve got lots of trails through woods a 10min. Ride away from home and wed, nights are with lights, added fun as it looks so different in the dark plus the pub at the end:D
No, pineapple pop up! Had been spoding for few day so guess lots of small bait fish had drawn pikes attention, and the bright bait wafting about managed to tempt it?

I use centre pin for stalking carp sometimes, great fun, will defo have crack at barbel one day, think my closest river containing them is the wye.

Ah mountain biking, I am thick. Few mates of mine well in to it, seen their footage and way to mental! Hurtling down a mountain full of big hard trees and rocks, asking for trouble! :eek: