Where the hell was thingy me whatsit??


Local Charger
Guys , was hoping to go for a surf for bank holiday weekend ie this saturday , there is no swell where I normally go but its showing that it will hit the East coast.

I heard a rumour that Cayton Bay or whatever it was called is rumoured to be good is that the right place?

I'm after a beach break with long clean rides if possible as i'm taking the missus and dangers aswell if anyone has local knowledge.

And also if It MS lies regarding this spot , would like to know consistency and whether high or low tide is what im after

Don't know about that place, but Sea Palling looked pretty wild on Sunday.

about 8 kite sufers

4 long / short boarders

2 spongers !!

it was really a bit to quick for spongers, they turned up just as me and my gf wher leaving.

sadly couldn't wait around to watch them get hammered:D

I got talking to the chick who was with them:p aparently one of them was local but she and the other guy were from away, she wasn't overly talkative as i think she thought i was trying to hit on her:) when all i was trying to do is tell her about this website :)